"High availability for OpenStack has progressed in a big way in the past few years, from HA for the control plane to HA for compute nodes. The community is refining these solutions further, but SUSE OpenStack Cloud already provides an easy-to-use solution to deploy HA for OpenStack. In this technical hands-on session, you will learn why HA is important in the OpenStack context and how it works. And, you will be able to directly experiment with it, thanks to a pre-built environment. If you want to try breaking an OpenStack cloud and see it recover automatically, this hands-on session will be perfect for you!"

- 2017 SUSECON, Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

"By now, high availability for the OpenStack control plane is well understood, and to a large extent a solved problem which the community continues to refine. In stark contrast, solutions for compute node HA (i.e. where VMs are automatically restarted on a different compute node when there is a failure in the hypervisor or its underlying hardware) have only started to appear within the OpenStack community relatively recently. This is despite the high demand for this feature, which calls into question the older belief held by some that OpenStack should only accommodate "cattle" VMs which have resilience built in at the cloud application layer. In this technical hands-on session, attendees will learn the business case for this capability and be guided through the use of a new feature in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 which provides HA for compute nodes, with the aim of simulating a compute node failure and testing automatic recovery of any associated VMs onto another compute node."

- 2016 SUSECON, Washington, D.C.

"Automation of OpenStack deployment is rapidly maturing, with many approaches now available. However the matter of ensuring that automated deployments are highly available remains to some extent the white elephant in the room - everyone wants reliable infrastructure, but setting it up often still requires complex manual work. In this practical hands-on session, we briefly touch upon architectural considerations, and walk through usage of an implementation which automates deployment of Pacemaker / DRBD / HAProxy via Chef cookbooks, orchestrated by Crowbar in order to provide the cloud operator with a relatively simple and pain-free experience."

- 2014 OpenStack Summit, Paris, France